Tuesday, May 24, 2011

This post is dedicated to Mr. Hanks ... and awkward silence.

Can I tell you a secret? Sometimes, i hate dating. I find it to be painful. I just want all  of my love and attention to go to the right person. The one I get to picnic with, wake up to, eat off of their spoon, and share popcorn with during late night movies on our couch. That would be preferable. So, wherever you are in the world, I hope you are doing well. I hope life is taking care of you. I hope you aren't kissing too many girls, or on the other hand, I hope you are kissing them all so you can know I am the right one when our lives intertwine. Come soon.        But not too soon. 

Oh. By the way. Summer is here. (In case you missed it or something.)
Kyle is teaching me how to make a homemade long board this summer.
I'm kinda stocked.

I'm perming my hair the second summer begins. Because of this movie. If you think it will look ugly say it now or forever hold your peace.  I'm perming it regardless. But I would sincerely love to hear your opinion.

Spit milk through the darling little gap in your teeth.
And finish your homework. 
Or just do mine ...

-Rachael Cherish


  1. Have I ever told you that I adore your blog?
    Because I enjoy it quite a lot. (:

    I think your hair's gonna look adorable and your longboard is gonna be sweeeeeeeet(:

  2. mr hanks is the best teacher ever, period. next to miss shelley. i have a whole quote page dedicated to him. seriously! and i love the perm idea.

  3. We still need to chat.

    And I need to save your sister from thinking curly hair is awful. I mean, if you're paying to make it look like ours... ;)

    I think you're amazing.


  4. this page is dedicated to awkward silence.

    and mr. hanks.