I'm Rachael.

I am a twenty two year old (can you believe that!? I'll forever feel 17..) wife, nurse, and forever student (of nursing, mostly, but also other important life things.) I am a Mormon.

I am an advocate of early bedtimes and early morning runs, the kale-ribbean breeze jamba, progression, recording your life virtually (but also on paper), good conversation, learning, bikram yoga, ghardelli chocolate chips, and authors that make you think.

I aspire to be kind, genuine, light, centered, honest, hardworking, and authentic. These aren't things i'm perfect at, but are what my goals are currently encircling.

I am learning flexibility, consistency, and minimalism. Oh and also to completely and fully love and accept myself for who I am. This is something I believe to be so, SO important.

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  1. I forgot to say in my last comment, that congrats on finishing nursing! I'm assuming it is this or next month you'll finish up and take your tests! Good luck with all of your many tests, and how exciting to be done!!!! I'm hoping to do nursing school someday and love seeing others do it! So exciting!