Sunday, January 15, 2012

"It's funny how the times that seem unbearable, are the ones that you don't ever want to end." -Drowning

Road Trip to Saint George 

 My throat feels as though someone has taken a salt shaker to it. Other than my voice sounding like an advertisement for a smoking commercial, it really was a lovely weekend. 
I am changing. The world around me is changing.

Funny, isn't it. I couldn't wait to get out of this place, to pack up and leave it all behind. And suddenly,it seems as though these next eight months have already begun to slip through my fingers. I don't want these memories to be over. Not quite yet. I find myself trying to capture every moment, every facial expression, every laugh, every receipt into the back of my eyelids, in through my ears, and down towards my heart. It is all happening so fast, and I never knew I could feel more for you than I already did, and I am out of breath, and I am happy. The right before you fall asleep and those few moments before I wake up in the morning kind of happy. Thank you for making me happy. 

I work as a C.N.A at an old folks home now. In memory support.

She has Alzheimers, and often cannot form complete ideas, complete thoughts.
But tonight, she prayed like there was no disease attacking her mind. 
She placed her withered hand over mine, and I cried as I listened to her whisper to the sky.
"My gracious Heavenly Father.I never thought it would be this hard to grow old. It hurts to walk, to move, to dress, to eat. Thank you for this young lady, thank you that she could help me get dressed, and use the bathroom. I love her. Thank you for sending her to me. Please bless her as she goes to college, as she finds a husband. I love thee Heavenly Father and I am so grateful to be alive. In the name of thy son, Jesus Christ, Amen."

This lady is  ninety two years old, and her walls are filled with elegant pictures of her life. Filled with memories that she can't remember.
People always say: 'You're a CNA? So you change peoples diapers ?" 
Well, yes.
But it is a little more than that.

"You will make more friends in two weeks being interested in others, than you would in two years trying to get others interested in you."-Corporate Alliance. 

Watch this Video. 
It will make you feel better.

Love, love love love love
-Rachael Cherish 

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  1. You're the video, and love you big sissy :)