Sunday, February 19, 2012

Nothing comes to mind.

You know what I hate?
Vague blog posts.
I don't blame you for writing them though. They create the intriguing and potentially poetic enviroment I assume you are going for.
Anyway, ultimately your undecipherable words make you less vulnerable to the outside world, which is understandable.
You couldn't just say, "Jim, you really made me feel terrible the other day when you walked right past me in the hallway hand in hand with  Louise. Did you forget that we made out yesterday?"
Instead you, (or is this about me?) spend a little too much time editing a sentence that has to be read over and over to even be understood. 

I stood there last week, in an interview that would determine a great amount of my future, my knees slightly shaking and the skin of my neck heating, and I heard myself talking. I answered the questions confidently and presented with passion. But it was almost as if I was somewhere else. Somewhere so deep inside of me. Beneath it all, I was scared out of my mind, and I was trying desperately to remind myself why i had put myself in this vulnerable position.
Being vulnerable?    It sucks.   Bad.   
It also causes growth. The kind that only comes from a little heat, and a little pressure.

So, please.
Be, vulnerable.
Write something real, and post it. I think more people might appreciate that than myself. Don't take my word for it though.                           Apply to the job you have always wanted, and interview.                Make friends with someone that has always intrigued you, with no hidden intention of romance. It will do you good-- i promise.       

"and the hannah that smashes plates and climbs into insanely large treehouses and swings higher than she ever has before is become gradually more like the hannah that looks at the stars and lays on the floor to listen to music in the dark and that hannah is becoming gradually more like the hannah that loves so desperately that all she can do is smile and that hannah is becoming gradually more like the hannah who makes friends out of strangers and can sometimes think of witty things to say."
 --Hannah Kroes

Hannah, You GET life!

--Rachael Cherish.

p.s. if you really do write something real real real and vulnerable will you  please tag me in it? I want to read it. very much.


  1. rachael, YOU get life. i want to have a nice afternoon talkin' with you again soon.

  2. Sorry about vague blog posts.
    Queen of Vague Blog Posts

  3. Addy.
    You will write a vague book someday and become famous, that I am sure of.
    No, I wasn't referring to just you.
    Yes, I was hoping you would read the ending and write something raw. Simply because I am curious as to what you would write.
    I had no intention of offending you. I am sorry.

  4. I wrote something real. I think. You should read it. <3

  5. So... I know this is like three months after the fact...
    but i stumbled upon this post the other day... and just thought you should know how much it made me think.