Friday, October 30, 2015

Feminism, or the lack thereof.

Your warmth envelops me.

Even when you left last summer,
 my hair was still damp from months before.
A humidity crept its way into every moment of my life.
I felt you in the torn edges of old letters,
saw you in the face of complete strangers.
I felt your laugh as I laid beneath the sky, appreciating the beauty, your old soul,
 taught me to see.
A biting wind traced my heart.
Your empty presence created a distance between any boy,
"I am so sorry."
These ears, these fingertips, this touch, this laugh,
every kiss,
to him.
Eventually, the wind soothed the rough edges,
a bitter hurt eroded into growth.
And suddenly, you were there.
You came back. You said you would.
And I,
I did what any respectable TaylorSwiftZooeyDeschanelEmmaWatsonFeminist would look down upon;
because as desperately as i tried,
you weren't just another picture to burn, and let's be a little bit honest here,
we will, most likely,  always, always, always, always,
get back together.
Because, to put it simply darling,
i adore you. and i don't ever want to lose you.
Your wisdom calming, your voice assuring, your touch breathtaking,  blending every day into one.

Your warmth envelops me.

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