Friday, October 30, 2015

Red Doors

Dearest Kate, 

On the corner of 5th East, sits is a lovely white house. Three story, maybe twenty years old, black shutters, a defiant red door. My mother has whispered painting that old white door for years and years and years, until one day, as I pulled my suitcase up the front steps, there it was. Red as a holly berry of Christmas. That's just my mother though; "It is a law of the Universe, Rachael Cherish, visualize something, anything, and it will undoubtedly come to you."
And I never did, doubt her I mean, as it isn't hard to believe someone when you grow up in their magic. She was warm sugar cookies on rainy days, a book beside the local pool, days spent in the crystal blue of the water, a piece of chocolate slipped into our waiting hands during an extra long church meeting.  The rocking chair of our porch swayed beneath my small sneakers as I watched the flowers blossom under the melodic sound of her voice, blending beautifully with the sweet scent of summer. "The flowers can hear", she taught with a knowing smile.

So when he asked what i'd like to do last night, 
"Can we visualize 2013? I think I am a little too afraid of it."
 After bundling up in blankets, warm socks, and filling our bellies with steaming macaroni and cheese, we melted into the couch and spent the rest of the evening scratching out ideas and searching for pictures to represent our individual dreams for the upcoming year.

I won't be sharing his with you, but here is what we came up with for me. 

1. On June the sixth, I will be running 26.2 miles with my older brother and dearest friend Joshua Calvin. This has always been a dream of mine, and I can't think of a better time to make it a reality. 

Early morning runs before 8:00 Chemistry. 
Green Smoothies for Breakfast. Lots of protein  and water.

2. Find an inner peace through a renewed confidence in myself. 

Take time to be alone. Let go of stress. Live in each moment.
Become a leader, of virtue and courage.  Find joy in the little things.

3. Embrace Change. Hold those I love even closer to my heart, and find a way to allow my heart to grow and make room for those I will meet. 

This may sound like somewhat of a strange goal, but it is something very personal to me that I have desperately struggled with this past semester. Subconsciously, I left for College with the idea in my head that this heart of mine was full to the brim, I felt as though if I were to let someone new in, I would be kicking someone old out. It took me what seems like an eternity to realize what was holding me back, but now feel confident  that with the help of my Father in Heaven, my capacity to love will be greatly increased. 

Remember him. Have faith in the future.
Allow Saint George to be another home. Find a group of "misfits" whom I would genuinely love to spend time with. 
Love my roommates. Make them my best friends.

Pray for the Spirit to guide me to those whom I need to meet.
Your turn, Kate.
What do you visualize 2013 to be for you?


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