Friday, October 30, 2015


white, the carpet
70's blue, smashed tread belonging to our footsteps

soft, my hands
cracked, the callous rubbing along the index of sixteen hours

pungent leather, the seats, a consistent breath of air
burning, fire running through uphill calves, pull over! the chain is broken

efficient consistent communication, dr. lund
goosebumps in August, empty backs, words like stones

someday we'll be there
i swear it
our fence will be picket
our bank account glowing
you'll teach me to let go of my pride,
you'll make me soft

but for now

the only thing i love more than waking up to your eggs,
is waking up to your warmth fitted against my body

tread builds tenacity
callouses hold their own diploma
afternoon hills bring morning flight, a glow blanketing the beautiful valley we never expected to live, blanketing my skin

empty backs are
invariably turned
at the sound of your familiar call
my love for you is limitless, boundless, without end

my experience still so naive

1 comment:

  1. YOU ARE SO TALENTED. How do you stand it?! Do you just get so excited every time you write, as you realize how SMART you are with words, and how insightful you are into describing life and emotions? Amazing! You are SO FRICKIN' TALENTED. Write a book. Please. Or just more on this blog. I'm seriously addicted. I know you write for you, but I LOVE IT!